Why is this needed now?

The time has come to begin refining a vision for the evolution of public education in our province. The current strategic plan, Saskatchewan Plan for Growth Vision 2020 and Beyond, has outlined some important goals, but its natural endpoint is rapidly approaching. There are only two planning cycles left and important questions about what will take place beyond 2020 have yet to be answered. It is time to start developing more comprehensive goals that will meet the needs of the future. The problem we now face is that thirty years have passed since the last comprehensive review of public education in Saskatchewan. The broad foundational work done in the 1980’s, the work that led to a plan that drove the entire educational system towards a clearly identified set of goals and expectations, has not been renewed. It’s stale and dated. It does not reflect new developments in technology or evolving societal norms and expectations. There needs to be new alignment around a solid and robust strategy, based on new foundational principles. Thirty years later, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and once again have a comprehensive discussion about public education and answering questions such as:
  • What do schools need to do? Are we asking too much, or too little?
  • What do students need to learn in 2020 and beyond?
  • What constitutes an educated person? What is the core curriculum?
  • How do we prepare students for a world with technology we can’t imagine and jobs that don’t exist yet?
The time has come to begin this work. Re-Imagine Education is the vehicle the sector can use to achieve these outcomes.