What is Re-Imagine Education?

Re-Imagine Education is a bold initiative asking us to challenge our views of what education looks like today and what it could look like in the future. This initiative will clarify the issues facing education today, imagine what the future might look like and plan how to make the vision a reality.

Education is vital to the future of our province. It affects everything and everyone. The decisions we make about education today will change the way we experience tomorrow. We want to hear from you about building classrooms that meet current and future needs.

Important questions must be answered:

  • What should public education look like?
  • What do we want our children to know?
  • How do we provide our youth with the skills needed for a flourishing life?
  • What is the role of schools in communities?
  • How do we encourage children to be critical thinkers, media savvy and enthusiastic citizens?
  • What role should schools play in promoting creativity, empathy and respect for self and others?
  • How do we encourage local involvement?

Join a coalition of educational partners as we seek answers to these and other important questions. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and dreams. Help create a vision for the future.

Why is this needed now?

The current strategic plan for education, Saskatchewan Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond, is quickly coming to an end. It has outlined some important goals, but the time has come to begin redefining a vision for the evolution of public education in our province. With only two planning cycles left it is time to start asking important questions about what will happen beyond 2020, and to develop more comprehensive goals that will meet the needs of the future.

More than thirty years have passed since the last comprehensive review of public education in Saskatchewan. The broad foundational work done in the 1980’s, the work that led to a plan that drove the entire educational system towards a clearly identified set of goals and expectations, has not been renewed. It does not reflect new developments in technology or evolving societal norms and expectations. There needs to be new alignment around a solid and robust strategy, based on new foundational principles.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and once again have a comprehensive discussion about public education. Re-Imagine Education is the tool for us to use to achieve these outcomes.