Review – The Pathway

April 2018 – September 2018

The initial phase involves a review and presentation of the many complex issues impacting public education today. The review offers pathways intended to stimulate conversation and dialogue with the public for a re-imagined future for public education in Saskatchewan.

Some political candidates suggested it was time to press “pause” on our strategic planning during recent political leadership campaigns in our province stating that current goals are difficult to meet, given lack of classroom supports and resources. However with the current rate of growth of Saskatchewan’s current and upcoming school-aged population, it is vital that we continue this work.

Re-Imagine Education will provide focus as we reset our current planning processes and develop new ones for beyond 2020.

Re-Imagine Education is setting out to quickly establish a steering committee made up of groups with an abiding interest in education. The first item on the agenda is refinement and approval of a project charter. They are also being called on to develop a research plan and critical documents list, develop a plan for public engagements and begin work on the establishment of a broader Reference Committee.

The Reference Committee is made up of representatives from across the education sector. They validate the research, provide additional information and help coordinate community engagement events. This Committee provides a broader view of Saskatchewan, ensures that all of our province’s populations are represented and creates new partnerships between organizations.


Listen, Learn Lead: Re-Imagine Education Research Report