Re-Imagine – The Destination

January 2019 – Fall 2019

As a result of a series of extensive and deliberative community engagement opportunities, the final summary report captures the ideas and aspirations shared by the public and offers actionable recommendations to strengthen public education in Saskatchewan.

Embedded in this part of the process is a tireless commitment to clarity of intent, clarity of problem of identification and clarity on how recommendations will be brought to life

A new vision is past due. In 1984 when a strategic plan was last written, our province set out nine goals for education based on the Directions report. Central to these goals was the proposition that all parts of public education should work together to develop the potential of all students. The Directions report spoke of students attaining “a body of knowledge and a range of skills and attitudes… necessary to function in a changing world.”

Change didn’t stop in 1984. It likely accelerated. More than 30 years have passed, and the important foundational work that drive an entire system towards a clear set of goals and expectations needs to be updated. Alas, Re-Imagine Education!