Next Steps

Re-Imagine Education is made up of three phases, each one guiding the work of the next. These phases will end with the creation of a list of recommendations on what the future of education in Saskatchewan should look like.

Review – The Pathway: April – September 2018

The initial phase involves a review and presentation of the many complex issues impacting education today. The review offers pathways intended to stimulate conversation and dialogue with the public for a re-imagined future for public education in Saskatchewan.

Engage – The Journey: September 2018 – January 2019

The discussion guides set the stage for some extraordinary conversations within communities across the province. Anyone with an interest in public education has the opportunity to engage in and contribute to the creation of a vision for the future of education.

Re-Imagine – The Destination: January – Fall 2019

As a result of a series of extensive and deliberative public engagement processes, the final summary report captures the ideas and aspirations shared by the public, and will offer actionable recommendations to strengthen public education in Saskatchewan.