About the STF

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation has inspired and supported teaching and learning excellence in public education for more than 80 years. We are a professional organization of over 13,000 teachers employed in PreK 12 schools across the province who are trusted and respected leaders and partners in education. Our professional status brings with it responsibilities, rights and benefits. Working together, we assert a credible voice on behalf of the collective, while attending to individual professional aspirations and needs. Every program, service or resource offered by our Federation reflects the commitment of the teaching profession and is designed to enhance the well being and success of teachers as we work diligently to ensure the success of students. As professionals and leaders in our communities, we strongly believe that publicly funded public education is a common good and a universal right of all children and youth. It is also everyone’s responsibility to create a culture in education that places the needs of students first. Because of this, we have a long and storied history of working with others to achieve significant educational and societal change for the benefit of all Saskatchewan citizens.